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Do you want to become a real clown? Need help with the proper way to apply make-up?
Help finding costumes? Help finding other clowns in the Twin Cities area?
Feel free to contact us and we should be able to point you in the right direction. 

Minnesota Clown Alley 19 was started in the early 1970's by a group of eager clowns
that wanted to share their joy of clowning.

Alley 19 is an educational club, which means you will not see us as a group
in parades or doing shows.
Our members belong to other Clown Clubs all over the Minnesota area.
Alley 19 is a club where we all come together
to share and learn from each other.
New members are always welcome.



All Clowns and happy people are welcome.
See latest updates on our FB page.

We do not have monthly Club meetings.

Last updated
Jan 16, 2024


Minnesota Clown Alley 19
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August 7, 2011 Clown "Running of the Noses" Charity fun run!